5 Useful Tips For New Moms !

I Have Gathered 5 Useful Tips Given To Us By Super Hero-Moms
For Mom-To-Be.
1. Always start a diaper change with the next clean diaper under the baby for a super quick swap.

2. Schedule a “get out’ time whether it’s grocery shopping, running errands, walking around the block, going for a drive, visiting family , or whatever.

3. Don’t freak out about the milestones. Anticipate them, enjoy them, document them, but please don’t freak out that they took an extra 2months to do something.

4. Use mesh laundry bags for baby clothes. So much easier and faster to flip laundry from washer to dryer.

5. Keep a running list of needs on the counter. Once your list hits that amount, place your order & let it come to your door.

Hero-mom.com will get your orders to you in a 15days window :) 


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