How To Be A Good Mom Rather Than The Perfect One ? 

You Don't Need To Be The Perfect Mom You Just Need To Be A Good Mom ! 

Perfection is undefinable... In fact, if perfection even existed we wouldn't be trying to grow anymore. What we want is imperfection !
This way we can keep on trying to get better. 

Here's What A Super Hero Mom Naturally Does : 

  1. Loves her child unconditionally
  2. Never hurts her child
  3. Always does what is best for child
  4. Always puts child’s needs before her own
  5. Always wants to be around her child
  6. Should always feel that the most important thing in the world is her child
  7. Should always be willing to give up anything for her child
  8. Should be happy staying home with her kids all day
  9. Never resents her child
  10. Should feel the only thing she needs in her life to feel happy is her child
  11. Should completely define herself as a person though motherhood
  12. Shouldn’t feel bored spending time with her child
  13. Should feel happy and overjoyed every time she looks at her child
  14. Should never think about how enjoyable her life was before kids
  15. Should be able to handle kids all day without needing breaks (luxury)
  16. Shouldn’t feel unhappy at night when up with her child


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