How To Get Your Newborn On The Right Sleeping Pattern ?

Being a new Super-Hero Mom requests a lot of courage and energy…
You’re exhausted but also excited and in love with your little one.
You’re freaking out but still you have to take care of your baby.
It’s a whole new super power to embrace  !

So how to get your baby to sleep a whole night ?

The goal is to gradually shift her/his bed schedule from a daytime one to a nocturnal one.
Don’t Let Your Baby Dictate Their Own Schedule, You Are Responsible !

So here’s how you should proceed  :

1. Fill them up with milk during daytime ! Your baby’s stomach is growing and can finally hold more milk.
2. Feed your baby every 3 hours, starting right after sunrise. Be super strict on this ! Wake him/her up from their nap if you must !!! Just like an adult, if you nap too long during the day you are more likely to end up not sleeping over night…
3. Feed your baby right after bed no matter what ! If you have already fed your baby around 7pm although bedtime is 8.30PM, go for it and feed him/her again.
You’ll see results progressively if you apply these techniques properly. The span will extend in time and you’ll go from 3hours of sleep to a full night.
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